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Solidification and wetting behaviour of SnAgCu soldier alloyed by reactive metal organic flux

: Zerrer, P.; Fix, A.; Hutter, M.; Reichl, H.


Soldering & surface mount technology 22 (2010), Nr.1, S.19-25
ISSN: 0954-0911
Fraunhofer IZM ()

Purpose - The purpose of this paper is to develop a new alloying method for solders by using a metal organic modified flux in solder pastes. Design/methodology/approach - This paper presents the impact of six metal organic compounds (Co, Fe, Al; stearate, oxalate, citrate) on the melting and solidification behaviour in comparison to the revealed microstructure. Findings - It could be shown that Co and Al influence the supercooling whereas Fe exhibits no effect. Co reduces the supercooling of the cast of about 10 K and affects the nucleation. Al retards the solidification up to 185 degrees C. Doping of the solder by flux containing metal organic compounds is successful and the alloying elements Co and Fe are found in the microstructure. Research limitations/implications This paper provides a starting-point for the new alloying method so far only fluxes for solder pastes have been investigated. Originality/value - The reactive alloying method enables the use of new alloying elements for solder pastes in unmodified soldering processes.