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Robotics at Fraunhofer IPA - industrial robots

: Graf, Birgit

Granrath, L. ; Fraunhofer Representative Office Japan; Advanced Materials Innovation Center -AMIC-, Yokkaichi:
Mechatronics Seminar 2009 : November 30, 2009 in Yokkaichi, Japan
Tokyo, 2009
33 Folien
Mechatronics Seminar <2009, Yokkaichi/Japan>
Fraunhofer IPA ()
industrial robot; human - robot; robot human interaction; bin-picking; wire robot; Industrieroboter

Industrial robots are slowly moving away from traditional production applications into new application areas. Fraunhofer IPA is developing key technologies enhancing this transfer. Specifically, new user interfaces for quick and intuitive instruction of the robots and for direct human-robot-interaction (e.g. developments within the SMErobot project) as well as environment perception tools for enhanced flexibility (e.g. for bin picking) and new grippers and tools for specific applications have been developed. The developments of Fraunhofer IPA not only include the development of new technologies for industrial robots, they have also been transferred to completely new application areas.