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PON with WDM overlay

: Hermes, T.; Hilbk, U.; Saniter, J.; Westphal, F.-J.

Faulkner, D.W.:
European Conference on Networks and Optical Communications, NOC 1997. Proceedings. Vol.1: Broadband access networks : Antwerpen, June 17 - 20, 1997
Amsterdam: IOS Press, 1997
ISBN: 90-5199-339-0
ISBN: 4-274-90164-5
ISBN: 3-905084-20-1
European Conference on Networks and Optical Communications (NOC) <1997, Antwerpen>
Fraunhofer HHI ()
diffraction gratings; optical fibre subscriber loops; optical fibre testing; optical time-domain reflectometry; telecommunication network routing; wavelength division multiplexing; pon; passive optical network; all-optical wdm overlay; splitter; arrayed waveguide gratings; point-to-point connectivity; wavelength paths; central office; optical network unit; capacity; optical time domain reflectometer; otdr measurements; fibre links; ftth; fttc; access networks; 1.3 mum; 1.5 mum

Passive optical network (PON)-based FTTH and FTTC access networks are attracting interest. A concept for an all-optical WDM overlay on a PON is presented. The main concern of the concept is that no modification of the outside fibre plant or of the operation of the existing PON is necessary. With the existing PON working in the 1.3 mu m window, a 1.3/1.5 mu m splitter can be used to separate the WDM overlay at 1.5 mu m from the PON. For the 1.5 mu m window, arrayed waveguide gratings (AWG) are used to establish point-to-point connectivity via individual wavelength paths between the central office (CO) and each optical network unit (ONU). In addition to a dramatically enhanced capacity the wavelength paths allow wavelength-selective optical time domain reflectometer (OTDR) measurements of individual fibre links. An experimental system, including a PON for 8 ONU, was used to verify the concept and to demonstrate selective OTDR measurements.