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All-optical switch for TDM and WDM/TDM systems demonstrated in a 640 Gbit/s demultiplexing experiment

: Diez, S.; Ludwig, R.; Weber, H.G.


Electronics Letters 34 (1998), Nr.8, S.803-5
ISSN: 0013-5194
Fraunhofer HHI ()
demultiplexing; light interferometry; optical crosstalk; optical modulation; optical noise; photonic switching systems; refractive index; time division multiplexing; wavelength division multiplexing; all-optical switch; tdm systems; wdm/tdm systems; demultiplexing experiment; interferometric switch; high linearity; high switching contrast; low noise; wide bandwidth; low crosstalk; refractive index modulation; semiconductor-optical amplifier; 640 Gbit/s

A novel interferometric switch is presented that exhibits high linearity, high switching contrast, low noise, wide bandwidth and low crosstalk. The switching principle, which is based on refractive index modulation in a wavelength band far from the gain region of a semiconductor-optical amplifier, is successfully demonstrated in an error-free 640 Gbit/s demultiplexing experiment.