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Optimization of modulation bandwidth in DBR lasers with detuned Bragg reflectors

: Feiste, U.


IEEE Journal of Quantum Electronics 34 (1998), Nr.12, S.2371-9
ISSN: 0018-9197
Fraunhofer HHI ()
distributed bragg reflector lasers; optical modulation; semiconductor lasers; direct modulation bandwidth; dbr laser; detuned bragg reflector; distributed bragg reflector laser; dynamical model; traveling wave equation; longitudinal eigenmode; semiconductor laser diode; 70 GHz

The dynamical behavior of distributed Bragg reflector lasers with detuned Bragg reflectors is investigated theoretically. The model is based on the traveling wave equations, which are solved by expanding the solution in terms of the longitudinal eigenmodes. It is shown that for a drastic enhancement of the modulation bandwidth the interplay of the dominant mode and one side mode has to be enforced. Under these conditions, the modulation bandwidth can be enhanced to more than 70 GHz.