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Gain-transparent SOA-switch for high-bitrate OTDM add/drop multiplexing

: Diez, S.; Ludwig, R.; Weber, H.G.


IEEE Photonics Technology Letters 11 (1999), Nr.1, S.60-2
ISSN: 1041-1135
Fraunhofer HHI ()
electro-optical modulation; electro-optical switches; laser noise; light interferometers; optical communication equipment; refractive index; semiconductor lasers; time division multiplexing; gain-transparent soa-switch; high-bitrate otdm add/drop multiplexing; all-optical interferometric optical time-division multiplexing switch; high linearity; high-switching contrast; low noise; wide bandwidth; low crosstalk; gain-transparent switch; semiconductor optical amplifier; optical control pulses; gain wavelength region; index modulations; interferometric switching; add/drop multiplexer; undisturbed nonswitched pulses

We report on an all-optical interferometric optical time-division multiplexing switch that exhibits high linearity, high-switching contrast, low noise, wide bandwidth, and low crosstalk. The key element of the gain-transparent switch is a semiconductor optical amplifier (SOA), which is transparent for the data signal. However, the injection of optical control pulses in the gain wavelength region of the SOA leads to index modulations at the wavelength of the data. This variation of the refractive index can be used for interferometric switching. In the application as add/drop multiplexer, the switch has the inherent advantage of leaving the nonswitched pulses undisturbed.