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Fabrication of a multichannel wavelength-division multiplexing-passive optical net demultiplexer with arrayed-waveguide gratings and diffractive optical elements

: Pawlowski, E.; Ferstl, M.; Hellmich, H.; Kuhlow, B.; Warmuth, C.; Salgueiro, J.R.


Applied optics 38 (1999), Nr.14, S.3039-45
ISSN: 0003-6935
ISSN: 1539-4522
ISSN: 1559-128X
Fraunhofer HHI ()
demultiplexing equipment; diffraction gratings; diffractive optical elements; optical arrays; optical communication equipment; optical crosstalk; optical losses; wavelength division multiplexing; multichannel wavelength-division multiplexing-passive optical net demultiplexer; arrayed-waveguide gratings; wavelength signals; eight-channel wavelength-division multiplexer spectrum; high functionality; good optical performance; measured cross talk; average losses; 1.55- mu m signals; 1.3 mum; 1.55 mum; 97 GHz; 4.5 db; 8 db

A novel, to our knowledge, integrated wavelength-division multiplexing-passive optical net demultiplexer that uses an arrayed-waveguide grating and diffractive optical elements is presented. The demultiplexer is used to distribute 1.3- mu m wavelength signals and to multiplex an eight-channel wavelength-division multiplexer spectrum at a 1.55- mu m wavelength. The device shows high functionality and good optical performance. The measured cross talk was less than -21 dB, and the 3-dB bandwidth was determined to be 97 GHz, which is close to the theoretical value of 93 GHz. Average losses of 4.5 and 8 dB were measured for the 1.3- and the 1.55- mu m signals, respectively.