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Four autostereoscopic monitors on the level of industrial prototypes

: Borner, R.


Displays. Technology and applications 20 (1999), Nr.2, S.57-64
ISSN: 0141-9382
Fraunhofer HHI ()
computer displays; flat panel displays; image resolution; optical projectors; screens (display); three-dimensional displays; autostereoscopic monitors; industrial prototypes; autostereoscopic imaging; lenticular screens; front and rear projection systems; flat monitors; realistic 3d equipment; flat 3d monitor; high resolution 3d rear projection system; tracking system; image separation; landscape format

In various publications, our 3D-Display Technology Lab. has reported about research on autostereoscopic imaging using lenticular methods. After basic research on lenticular structures and 3D recording and presentation in our 3D-Display Lab., front and rear projection systems and flat monitors have been developed and demonstrated. Realistic 3D equipment for the public has become now reality after the stage of experimental set-ups. Four industrial standard prototypes will be introduced in this report. One typical sample is a flat 3D monitor, designed and constructed in cooperation with Carl Zeiss. This autostereoscopic monitor, designed for scientific and technical applications, is in production and will be sold in 1999. To complete the various performances of our autostereoscopic systems, another two types of autostereoscopic 3D systems will be finished by the year 2000: a very large flat 3D monitor and a special high resolution 3D rear projection system.