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Arrayed-waveguide grating demultiplexer with variable transmission characteristic

: Pawlowski, E.; Kuhlow, B.; Przyrembel, G.; Warmuth, C.

Merkle, F. ; Society of Photo-Optical Instrumentation Engineers -SPIE-, Bellingham/Wash.; European Optical Society -EOS-:
Design and Engineering of Optical Systems II, 1999 : 25 - 27 May 1999, Berlin, Germany
Bellingham/Wash.: SPIE, 1999 (SPIE Proceedings Series 3737)
ISBN: 0-8194-3211-3
Conference on Design and Engineering of Optical Systems <2, 1999, Berlin>
Fraunhofer HHI ()
demultiplexing equipment; diffraction gratings; optical arrays; optical communication equipment; optical crosstalk; optical design techniques; optical fabrication; optical planar waveguides; optical tuning; optical waveguide components; wavelength division multiplexing; arrayed-waveguide grating demultiplexer; variable transmission characteristic; programmable arrayed-waveguide grating demultiplexer; functionalities; tunable center frequency; crosstalk; design; optical wavelength division multiplexing; variable bandwidth; 1.5 mum

A programmable arrayed-waveguide grating demultiplexer is presented. The device shows new functionalities, like a tunable center frequency and a variable transmission characteristic. The measured crosstalk was lower than -30 dB.