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Comparision of a Kr-stabilized laser and a holographic filter for use as an optical frequency control element for high dense WDM systems

: Fischer, U.H.P.; Karlovac, N.


Journal of optical communications 21 (2000), Nr.1, S.37-40
ISSN: 0173-4911
Fraunhofer HHI ()
frequency control; frequency standards; heterodyne detection; holographic optical elements; laser frequency stability; lithium compounds; optical communication equipment; optical filters; wavelength division multiplexing; kr-stabilized laser; holographic filter; optical frequency control element; high dense wdm systems; optical frequency stability; narrow bandwidth lithium niobate optical holographic filter stabilized laser; optical reference unit; optical signals; heterodyned; laser frequency stability measurement; 1547.825 nm; 30 s; linbo3; kr

The relative optical frequency stability of a narrow bandwidth lithium niobate optical holographic filter stabilized laser in comparison with an optical reference unit at 1547.825 nm was examined. The two optical signals were heterodyned to measure the frequency stability of the holographic filter stabilized laser, which is better than 1.65.10-8 at 30 s sample time.