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Distributed generation and microgrids for small island electrification in developing countries - a review

: Mitra, I.; Degner, T.; Braun, M.

SESI journal 18 (2008), Nr.1, S.6-20
ISSN: 0970-2466
Fraunhofer IWES ()
distributed generation; microgrid

There is increasing interest for worldwide deployment of distributed generation with a particular emphasis on the utilisation of renewable energy resources. This is also relevant to the small islands in developing countries where the present need is to have access to adequate supply of electricity. The present paper reviews the concept of distributed generation, discusses its relevance in India, elaborates on the initiatives in the islands of Sundarbans region and reviews another concept called microgrid in light of the emerging technologies suitable for the small islands. An actual field test project in Kythnos Island, Greece has been concisely presented as an example of distributed generation and microgrids for island electrification.