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High definition television (HDTV): Markets and applications

: Schäfer, R.

FKT 54 (2000), Nr.5, S.244-251
ISSN: 1430-9947
ISSN: 0015-0142
Fraunhofer HHI ()
digital signal processing chips; entertainment; flat panel displays; high definition television; multimedia communication; sport; telecommunication terminals; teleconferencing; television receivers; television standards; HDTV; tv formats; flat displays; low cost HDTV integrated circuits; sport programs; entertainment programs; user configurable multimedia terminals; hd display; immersive television conferences; remote participants; panorama display; british itv commission; broadcasting; football games; super high definition display; ntt company; 16777216 pixel; 4096 pixel; 4194304 pixel; 2048 pixel

Anticipates the co-existence of various generations of TV formats, and refers to the availability of flat displays, low cost HDTV integrated circuits and the need for displaying sport and entertainment programs to large audiences. The author also refers to high definition applications other than television. The survey mentions user configurable multimedia terminals, and reproduces a HD display carrying four separate programs simultaneously. "Immersive" television conferences, combining remote participants in one displayed picture are considered and the development of a panorama display from the British ITV Commission, for combining nine HDTV images into a single panorama with applications in broadcasting of football games is discussed. The availability of a super high definition display from the NTT Company, Japan, with 2048*2048 pixels, to be increased to 4096*4096 pixels is finally mentioned.