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New auto-stereoscopic video image display screens

: Borner, R.

FKT 54 (2000), Nr.7, S.440-444
ISSN: 1430-9947
ISSN: 0015-0142
Fraunhofer HHI ()
computer displays; flat panel displays; image resolution; liquid crystal displays; plasma displays; three-dimensional displays; video equipment; auto-stereoscopic video image display screens; construction; performance; video screens; 3-d displays; liquid crystal screen; plasma screen; lens raster technology; projection system; double strip structure; resolution; flat screen; monitor; strip raster methods; tracking systems; 14 inch; 20 inch; 15 inch; 42 inch

Describes the construction and performance of video screens for presenting 3-D displays: a "tracked" flat 15" or 20" liquid crystal screen, and a 42" plasma screen using lens raster technology. Also referred to is a projection system with a double strip structure (125 cm diameter) for highest resolution. Details are given of a 3-D back projection system, a 14" flat screen, and a 3-D LCD monitor 15" diameter, using 1536 lenses of 200 microns size. Lens raster and strip raster methods are explained, and diagrams of tracking systems are presented. Display characteristic are tabulated, and images achieved are shown.