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Heterogeneous Integration

: Reichl, H.; Aschenbrenner, R.; Töpper, M.; Pötter, H.

Zhang, G.Q.:
More than Moore : Creating high value micro/nanoelectronics systems
Dordrecht: Springer Netherland, 2009
ISBN: 978-0-387-75592-2
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The future of electronics will be smart innovative systems linked into networks, which will be used in a large variety of applications. They will contain electrical and non electrical functions. Heterogeneous Integration has to provide technologies to integrate such functions into one system. For the fabrication of heterogeneous systems, new architectures and system integration technologies are necessary, which have to ensure the realization of reliable systems at minimal sizes and at low production costs. Adequate interfaces for different application environments have to be created.

The following characteristics of future hetero system integration describe the challenge for the European Industry:
- integrated on-chip off-chip design as well as system partitioning/modularization
- highly reliable systems
- integration of electrical and non-electrical components
- integrated wireless communication
- integrated power conversion and storage
- integration of different functions in one module/ package
- application of ?add on? technologies to increase system functionality
- ultra high dense component integration
- short time to market processes and low cost solutions