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'On-wafer' surface implanted high power, picosecond pulse InGaAsP/InP ( lambda =1.53-1.55 mu m) laser diodes

: Paraskevopoulos, A.; Hensel, H.-J.; Schelhase, S.; Frahm, J.; Kubler, J.; Denker, A.; Gubenko, A.; Portnoi, E.L.


Optical and Quantum Electronics 33 (2001), Nr.7-10, S.745-50
ISSN: 0306-8919
ISSN: 1572-817X
Fraunhofer HHI ()
electroplating; gallium arsenide; high-speed optical techniques; iii-v semiconductors; indium compounds; ion implantation; laser transitions; optical fabrication; optical saturable absorption; semiconductor lasers; on-wafer surface implanted high power picosecond pulse InGaAsP/InP laser diodes; cost-effective on-wafer surface implantation technique; fabrication; thick electroplated au masks; local ion implantation; versatile design; absorber region; fwhm; optical power; emission spectrum; pulsed regime; edfa; 1.53 to 1.55 mum; 20 ps; 1.5 w; au

A cost-effective, on-wafer surface implantation technique was applied for the fabrication of short pulse InGaAsP/InP laser diodes. Based on thick electroplated Au masks, local ion implantation could be performed, allowing for a versatile design of the absorber region. Picosecond pulses with typical FWHM of 20 ps and optical power exceeding 1.5 W were obtained. The measured emission spectrum in the pulsed regime demonstrates the potential of such devices to pump commercially available EDFA's.