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Optical microwave source

: Bauer, S.; Brox, O.; Kreissl, J.; Sahin, G.; Sartorius, B.


Electronics Letters 38 (2002), Nr.7, S.334-335
ISSN: 0013-5194
Fraunhofer HHI ()
distributed feedback lasers; laser cavity resonators; laser feedback; laser mirrors; laser tuning; microwave generation; microwave photonics; synchronisation; waveguide lasers; optical microwave source; tunable optical microwave generation; locking characteristics; all-optical networks; operation conditions; dc driving currents; dfb lasers; stable phase condition; compound cavity; short external cavities; additional amplifier section; optical feedback; current injection; integrated amplifying mirror; ridge waveguide laser; antireflection coated; monolithical integration

A novel device for tunable optical microwave generation is presented. The capability to tune the microwave frequency as well as the locking characteristics of the developed device are experimentally investigated.