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A Mobile Robot Platform for Assistance and Entertainment

: Schraft, R.D.; Neugebauer, J.-G.; Graf, B.

International Federation of Robotics; Canadian Federation for Robotics; Institute of Robotics and Intelligent Systems -IRIS-, Zürich:
The application of robotics and intelligent systems over, under and around the world : Proceedings of the 31th International Symposium on Robotics
Ottawa, 2000
International Symposium on Robotics (ISR) <31, 2000, Montreal>
Fraunhofer IPA ()
Serviceroboter; Hinderniserkennung; Museumsroboter; mobiler Roboter; Ballspielen; Roboter

A new generation of mobile robots has recently been designed based on the successful hardware and software architecture of Care-O-bot. The robots have been created to communicate with and to entertain visitors in a museum. Their tasks include welcoming visitors, leading a guided tour in the museum, or playing with a ball.