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Generating CAD Models from Sketches

Générer des modèles CAO à partir de dessins d'ébauches
: Roth-Koch, S.

Roth-Koch, S.:
Numérisation 3D - Scanning - 2000. Actes des conférences : 24 et 25 mai 2000, Paris, Frankreich; Le Rendez-vous Européen Annuel de la Numérisation; Cinquième Edition
Dinard, Frankreich: Harbour, 2000
Numérisation 3D <5, 2000, Paris>
Scanning <5, 2000, Paris >
Fraunhofer IPA ()
Modelldaten; Modellierung; Modelldesign; Surface Modelling; 3D-Modellierung; Computer Aided Design (CAD)

The aim of the application described in this paper is the conversion of two-dimensional sketches into three-dimensional CAD curve and surface models. The first creative step of planning and outlining a conceptual idea in the design often is realized in so-called scribbles (conceptual sketches). Normally, they are scribbled with pencils on sheets and thus can be used for background information to develop and to build-up the three-dimensional shape model in CAD systems.
A new method enables the conceptual designer to scan their scribbles and afterwards convert them into a virtual sketch model. The virtual sketch model includes all the fuzziness of the paper scribble but is automatically represented in a sequence of real B-Spline-curves. The conceptual designer can work on the scribble-like resulting two-dimensional geometrical representation and further develop it into the final three-dimensional CAD surface model.