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Dwell time modeling for wireless communication systems and problems of the velocity distribution

: Boche, H.; Jugl, E.


European Transaction on Telecommunications and Related Technologies 13 (2002), Nr.3, S.269-78
ISSN: 1120-3862
Fraunhofer HHI ()
cellular radio; probability; telecommunication signalling; telecommunication traffic; dwell time modeling; wireless communication systems; velocity distribution; dwell time distribution; mobility models; performance evaluation; mobile communication systems; probability density function; pdf; mobility-related signaling traffic; travel length; radio cell; mobility patterns; time variant process

The distribution of the dwell time, which represents a higher level of abstraction than the use of mobility models, is often required for the performance evaluation of mobile communication systems. This contribution investigates the problem of the dwell time modeling. Using the often employed model for a constant movement, it is shown that a suitable choice of the velocity distribution is very important. Thus, a condition for the probability density function (PDF) of the velocity is derived, which prevents an unbounded mean dwell time. Since an infinite mean dwell time causes some problems for the estimation of the mobility-related signaling traffic, it is important that the mean dwell time is finite. Furthermore, some basic models for the PDF of the travel length of a subscriber within a radio cell are introduced and the relation with realistic mobility patterns are shown.