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Immuno/ gene therapy comes of age
: Wei, M.Q.; Metharom, P.; Kay, A.O.; Barth, S.

Cellular and molecular immunology 2 (2005), Nr.5, S.351-357
ISSN: 1672-7681
Fraunhofer IME ()

The complexity of a cancer, such as cell heterogeneity, and the existence of hypoxia, stromal cells and stem cells has so far prevented successful development and treatment of patients suffering from the later stages of cancers. At present, the use of conventional therapies, such as chemo/radio therapy is limited, and only therapies that are focused on utilizing the patient's immune response to combat against the disease appear to be the most reliable and promising. Two decades ago, cytokines were discovered to be able to activate the immune systems and mount an anti-tumour response. Then, dendritic cells were hailed as the most significant regulators of immunity and are employed in a variety of cancer management schemes. This review introduces current development in the field, focusing on combination of the components of the rapidly growing fields of immunotherapy and gene transfer/therapy, providing useful and significant detailed information for readers of cellular and molecular immunology.