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High-to-low frequency conversion in nonlinear circuits: closed results in frequency and time domain

: Ochs, W.

Nitsch, J.; Wollenberg, G.:
International Symposium on Electromagnetic Compatibility 1999. Symposium record
Magdeburg, 1999
ISBN: 3-929757-25-7
International Symposium on Electromagnetic Compatibility <1999, Magdeburg>
Fraunhofer INT ()
demodulation; rectification; amplitude limitation; frequency conversion; microwave interference

To explore the demodulation of microwave signals at non-linear electronic components of an irradiated system we consider a class of input signals, covering both modulated CW and pulse sequences, and subject them to non-linear distortions as rectification or amplitude limitation. We derive closed approximate expressions of the low-frequency part of the distorted signals by two methods, one in the frequency and one in the time domain, which yield corresponding results. These results can be used to estimate the potential threat of modulated microwaves to systems.