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Design and test of industrial robots for the use in cleanrooms

: Gommel, Udo; Keller, Markus

Granrath, L. ; Fraunhofer Representative Office Japan; Advanced Materials Innovation Center -AMIC-, Yokkaichi:
Mechatronics Seminar 2009 : November 30, 2009 in Yokkaichi, Japan
Tokyo, 2009
34 Folien
Mechatronics Seminar <2009, Yokkaichi/Japan>
Fraunhofer IPA ()
hygienic design; particle; VOC Emission; Volatile Organic Compound (VOC); Life Science; Cleanroom suitable materials (CSM); tested device; Electrostatic Discharge ESD; airflow; Strömungssimulation; Roboter; Industrieroboter; Fertigung; Reinraum

Robots for the use in clean environments have to meet several criteria. The design of the housing should be performed in a hygienic suitable way. The airflow distraction and surface roughness has to be kept to a minimum. Already in the development phase, airflow simulation can help to get a suitable design. Material pairings have to be selected to minimize particle emission. The selected materials should be resistant to the later used chemicals for cleaning, the VOC-emission has to be kept below a specified level and the ESD behavior has to be regarded accordingly. Especially for Life Science Applications, all used materials have to bi bioresistant.