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Production methods of graphene and resulting material properties

Poster at 7th NanoEurope Symposium 2009
: Kosidlo, Urszula; Arias Ruiz de Larramendi, Marta; Tonner, Friedemann; Park, Hye Jin; Glanz, Carsten; Skakalova, Viera; Roth, Siegmar; Kolaric, Ivica

2009, 1 S.
NanoEurope Symposium <7, 2009, Rapperswil>
Fraunhofer IPA ()
nanomanufacturing; electrochemistry; nanomaterials; chemical vapour deposition (CVD); Kohlenstoff; Verbundwerkstoff

Graphene, a monolayer form of carbon with a two-dimensional honeycomb lattice, has shown many interesting properties from the mechanical, electrical, thermal and optical point of view. These properties make graphene a material of interest for many applications, for example in the fields of electronics, composites, sensors as well as energy storage and conversion. These engineering applications require availability of graphene on the mass scale and thus the development of suitable processes is necessary. Here, an overview of three production methods of interest, chemical vapour deposition (CVD), exfoliation of graphite oxide, and electrochemical synthesis route, is presented.