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ETDM transmitter module for 100-Gb/s ethernet

: Chacinski, M.; Westergren, U.; Thylen, L.; Stoltz, B.; Rosenzweig, J.; Driad, R.; Makon, R.E.; Li, J.; Steffan, A.G.


IEEE Photonics Technology Letters 22 (2010), Nr.2, S.70-72
ISSN: 1041-1135
Fraunhofer IAF ()
ETDM; electrical time-division multiplexing; Ethernet; high-speed modulation; traveling-wave electroabsorption modulator; TWEAM

Performance of a packaged distributed-feedback travelling-wave electroabsorption modulator module for data transmission at 100 Gb/s is presented for the first time. Clearly open eye diagrams at 80 Gb/s with an extinction ratio (ER) of 4.9 dB and 100 Gb/s with ER 4.2 dB (limited by measurement setup) are demonstrated together with data transmission over 100-m-long standard single-mode fiber and over dispersion-compensated 10-km fiber link.