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In vitro study of mouse fibroblast tumor cells with TNF coated and Alexa488 marked silica nanoparticles with an endoscopic device for real time cancer visualization

: Herz, Marion; Rank, Andreas; Tovar, Günter E.M.; Hirth, Thomas; Kaltenbacher, Dominik; Stallkamp, Jan; Weber, Achim


Lendlein, A. ; Materials Research Society -MRS-:
Active polymers : Symposium held April 14 - 17, 2009, San Francisco, California, U.S.A.; Symposium NN, "Active Polymers" held .. at the 2009 MRS spring meeting
Warrendale, Pa.: MRS, 2009 (Materials Research Society Symposium Proceedings 1190)
ISBN: 978-1-605-11163-6
ISSN: 0272-9172
Symposium NN "Active Polymers" <2009, San Francisco/Calif.>
Materials Research Society (Spring Meeting) <2009, San Francisco/Calif.>
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biotechnology; Gewebe; Laboratory automation; Operation; tumor diagnostic; Tumordiagnostik; Nanopartikel; Biotechnologie; Laboratorium

Tumor resection done by minimally invasive procedure owns the challenge of a fast and reliable differentiation between healthy and tumorous tissue. We aim at investigating and developing a method for an intraoperative visualization of tumor cells with functionalized nanoparticles. The goal is to use this technique for the intraoperative use. Our so-called biohybrid systems consist of nanoparticies that are produced by Stober synthesis and coupled with bio active proteins. Such biomimetic nanostructures are capable of imitating the effects of membrane-bound cytokines, which bind to tumor cells for labeling them. A flexible and modular test environment has been developed to evaluate the spraying properties of the particles and to study tissue probes. It enables a fast investigation of different particle configurations and spraying parameters like pressure, spray volume, nozzle geometry, etc.