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Entwurf, Auslegung und Konstruktion eines adaptiven Mechanismus zur Amplitudenreduktion in Torsionsschwingungssystemen

: Menzer, M.

Freiberg, 2009, 102 S.
Freiberg, TU Bergakademie, Dipl.-Arb., 2009
Fraunhofer IWU ()
Amplitudenreduktion; Torsionsschwingung; Torsionsschwingungssystem; Piezokeramik; magnetorheologisches Fluid; Schwingungsdämpfung; Dämpfer; magnetorheologischer Dämpfer; Portalfräsmaschine; adaptiver Mechanismus; amplitude reduction; vibration; piezo actuator; magnetorheological fluid; vibration damping; damper; magnetorheological damper; portal milling machine; adaptive device

In operation many machines, drives and plants are affected by torsional vibrations due to excitation. A good example for this are milling tools with more than one cutting edge. The objective of this work was to influence torsional vibrations by using additional components. The following document illustrates two different basic approaches. After emulating the power train in the first place a design was chosen for each demonstrator. Due to the demand for high dynamics an appropriate actuator had to be selected for each design. The next step was a comparison between model and both adaptronic devices. An extrapolation from model to full sized power train was executed in the last part.