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Numeric input for industrial touch user interfaces

: Bierkandt, J.; Dubb, C.; Peissner, M.; Spath, D.

International Ergonomics Association -IEA-:
17th World Congress on Ergonomics 2009. Proceedings. CD-ROM : IEA 2009; August 9-14, 2009, Beijing, China
Beijing, 2009
7 S.
World Congress on Ergonomics <17, 2009, Beijing>
Fraunhofer IAO ()

Two interaction concepts for the efficient input of numeric parameters with wide ranges have been developed and empirically evaluated. Both concepts provide the possibility to modify parameter values and the granularity of value changes. The first concept, the "disc concept", is an enhanced version of a rotary control as known from volume controls. In contrast, the "point-slider concept" is an abstract graphical widget that combines the adjustment of the parameter value and of the granularity of changes on a two dimensional interaction plain. The results from a user study reveal a significant superiority of the disc concept. Concrete measures for improving the point-slider's accuracy and efficiency of use are derived.