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Integral planning of new components and production methods for BSS installations

: Bárcena, C.; Sánchez Labrador, R.; Segarra Martinez, M.J.; Smith, M.; Martin, D.; Gimenez, A.; Balaguer, C.; Kessoudis, K.; Schimpf, Sven

Wallis, I.:
Industrialised, integrated, intelligent construction : Handbook 1
Bracknell: I3CON / BSRIA, 2009
ISBN: 978-0-86022-683-3
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Fraunhofer IAO ()

In today's manufacturing world, there are many challenges to face such as globalisation, reduced lead times, reduced costs, environmental demands etc. These trends currently being applied or studied in production are being assessed to be developed in the construction industry.
The I3CON project has the vision of an "integrated, intelligent and industrialised system", with very ambitious aims. This is a real challenge for construction manufacturers, who should profit from principles adopted in other manufacturing areas.
The integrated pathway solution concept is introduced and defined. Its features and potential is described to set the basis for further work. The integrated pathway solution concept should profit from the new trends presented. Consider the methods and techniques which should allow developing an efficient pathway solution system and gives examples of current practice.
To secure long term competitiveness in manufacturing, continuous improvements need to be combined with radical step changes. Improvements are related to "hard" figures like machine utilisation, value added activities etc, but also to competence, skills, leadership and organisation.