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Elderly friendly HMI

Graphical user interface for ambient assisted living using the example of SOPRANO
: Hipp, C.; Block, M.; Sproll, S.; Kühner, N.; Idigoras Leibar, I.; Gaminde Perez, G.; Lozano Peiteado, H.

OASIS 1st International Conference 2009. CD-ROM : Project "Open architecture for Accessible Services Integration and Standardisation"; Proceedings; Florence (Italy), November 4-5, 2009
Florence, 2009
10 S.
International Conference "Open Architecture for Accessible Services Integration and Standardisation" (OASIS) <1, 2009, Florence>
Fraunhofer IAO ()

Elderly friendly HMI is growing important, since the change of demographics is occurring in western countries and the percentage of elderly people in total population is increasing. Probably important in the future, will be the elderly friendly HMI, embedded in the scenario of ambient assisted living. An intelligent surrounding which assists and helps elderly people to perform their daily living. Using the example of SOPRANO, an EU-founded project within ambient assisted living, this paper discusses which interface device is appropriate for elderly users and which design-guidelines are important. Further more the user-centred design approach, adapted for elderly people is displayed and for using a TV as interaction device, a navigation approach for the remote control is discussed.