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Ageing management - a new challenge for integration of non-destructive testing

: Dobmann, G.

Staatliche Materialprüfungsanstalt -MPA-, Stuttgart:
35. MPA-Seminar 2009. CD-ROM : Werkstoff- & Bauteilverhalten in der Energie- & Anlagentechnik, 09.10.2009, Stuttgart
Stuttgart: MPA, 2009
MPA-Seminar <35, 2009, Stuttgart>
Fraunhofer IZFP ()
ageing; nondestructive testing

Obviously the infrastructure in our modern societies is exposed to different ageing phenomena. The mechanisms that principally limit the lifetime of a component are aging and wear. Both are caused by load-induced influences during operation and service life, such as temperature, constant or varying mechanical stresses, and the ambient medium. So far nuclear installations are concerned neutron irradiation of core-near primary circuit components also can be relevant. As a result of ageing, there are micro-structural changes of the material state in the bulk volume or at the phase boundary material/medium. In this context, in [1] the importance of materials
technology in the plant life management is described for nuclear plants. Further more, since 2004 by recommendation the German Nuclear Safety Commission (RSK) has asked in [2] for the introduction of an aging management in the nuclear power plants. As component monitoring is a tool to control the ageing state nondestructive testing techniques can contribute with existing and new to develop measurement technology to follow this objective. The contribution discusses the state of the art in R&D to sensor technology with the ability to characterize cyclic deformation phenomena which is further developed within the nuclear safety research program of the German ministry of economy and technology to an on-line monitoring technique.