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Sprinting along with the Olympic Champions: Personalized, interactive broadcasting using mixed reality techniques and MPEG-4

: Demiris, A.M.; Walczak, K.; Wingbermühle, J.; Malerczyk, C.; Traka, M.; Kerbiriou, P.; Curet, D.; Klein, K.; Reusens, E.; Boyle, E.; Garcia, C.; Ioannidis, N.

Abramowicz, W.:
Business Information Systems. Proceedings. CD-ROM
Poznan, 2002
ISBN: 83-916842-0-2
International Conference on Business Information Systems (BIS) <5, 2002, Poznan>
Fraunhofer IGD ()
camera calibration; computer vision; digital video broadcast; human motion analysis

Interactivity and Personalization are the main aspects of the next generation TV. In this paper, we introduce concepts for the creation of enhanced content in sports broadcasting and its consumption on next generation media terminals allowing interactive and personalized viewing. The underlying architecture is designed within the framework of the EU funded IST project PISTE (Personalized, Immersive Sports TV Experience). PISTE introduces a series of tools for the easy creation and handling of enhanced content during the broadcasting of sports events, focusing on computer vision techniques that create a mixed reality view of the athletes attempt in MPEG-4 enabling free navigation. PISTE also allows to create, broadcast and interactively display supplementary visual information, such as measurements and comparison of different attempts that provide enhanced viewing experience.