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Hydra middleware for developing pervasive systems: A case study in the eHealth domain

: Jahn, M.; Pramudianto, F.; Al-Akkad, A.

Althoff, K.-D.; Bach, K.; Reichle, M.:
KI 2009, 32nd Annual Conference on Artificial Intelligence. Abstract proceedings of the workshops : Paderborn, Germany, September 15-18, 2009
Hildesheim, 2009
Annual Conference on Artificial Intelligence <32, 2009, Paderborn>
International Workshop on Distributed Computing in Ambient Environments (DiComAe) <1, 2009, Paderborn>
Fraunhofer FIT ()
pervasive computing; middleware; networked embedded system; SOA

Voltext: In this paper we present from a developer's point of view lessons learned from building an ambient e-health system using Hydra middleware. Hydra provides a middleware framework that facilitates developers to build efficiently scalable, embedded systems while offering web service interfaces for controlling any type of physical device. It comprises a set of sophisticated components taking care of security, device and service discovery using an overlay P2P communication network. We describe in detail how we applied Hydra middleware for an e-health scenario aimed at supporting the routine, medical care of patients at home. Such a scenario illustrates the complexity of a pervasive environment that Hydra aims to solve. We elaborate the process of applying Hydra for building a pervasive environment, the problems we faced, and what we learned for future research.