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Theoretical aspects of factory and manufacturing processes configuration and engineering

: Stefanica, Florina; Constantinescu, Carmen; Westkämper, Engelbert

Teti, R. ; University of Naples Federico II; I*PROMS Network of Excellence:
Innovative Production Machines and Systems. 2nd International Researchers Symposium 2009. CD-ROM : 22-24 July 2009, Ischia, Italia
Neapel, 2009
6 S.
International Researchers Symposium on Innovative Production Machines and Systems (IRS IPROMS) <2, 2009, Neapel>
Fraunhofer IPA ()
digitale Fabrik; GEMLab; Anlagenplanung

In this paper the fundamentals of product configuration methods, technologies and systems in the product design and sales activities are presented. Based on the industrial paradigm "Factory is a product" it is shown, how the methods and functionalities of product configuration and engineering are migrated to an innovative approach aiming at configuring and engineering the factories and their corresponding manufacturing processes. Therefore a motivation scenario and the architecture have been conceived, consisting of the actual state-of-the-art digital tools for factory, equipment and process planning. This architecture has been enhanced to build-up the dynamic configuration knowledge through an automated workflow, using both automated simulation and optimisation tools.