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Evaluation of interactive in-car systems in immersive environments

: Widlroither, H.; Haberhauer, M.

Institut National de Recherche sur les Transports et Leur Sécurité -INRETS-, Arceuil:
DSC 2002 : Conférence Simulation de Conduite. Driving Simulation Conference, Paris, France, September 11, 12 & 13, 2002
Arceuil: INRETS, 2002
ISBN: 2-85782-574-9
Conférence Simulation de Conduite (DSC) <2002, Paris>
Fraunhofer IAO ()

In the coming few years, electronic innovation like driver assistance and information system as well as driving X-by-wire will radically change the development of car technology and the face of driving. Short development cycles and changing market demands require a fast and flexible prototyping, while the introduction of further communication, information and entertainment technology in cars makes it necessary to adjust their human machine interface into the driving context. For answering these demands the Fraunhofer Institute of Industry Engineering IAO developed a highly flexible virtual prototyping and testing system based on driving simulators. These systems can integrate several further interfaces via "Switchboard and therefore allow to flexibly introduce further data sources allowing a fast adaptability testing scenarios. This virtual prototyping and testing system has already been effective, tried and tested in several international research projects: Within SAVE, IN-ARTE and COMUNICAR a human-machine interface has been created for driver assistance systems and advanced media interaction devices. These interfaces were developed from the very beginning parallel to the technological system concept. A virtual prototype was designed after analyzing the user requirements and consequently run through a user test. The list of defects obtained from this trial will help to optimize the prototype and serves as input for further development phases.