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Verkürzung von Versuchszeiten beim experimentellen Betriebsfestigkeitsnachweis von Abgasanlagen

Reducing the duration of structural durability tests used for the experimental validation of exhaust systems
: Tipkemper, U.; Bruder, T.

MP materials testing 51 (2009), Nr.7-8, S.487-492
ISSN: 0025-5300
Fraunhofer LBF ()
Abgasanlage; Abgasanlagenprüfstand; Thema; Betriebsfestigkeit

Reducing the Duration of Structural Durability Tests Used for the Experimental Validation of Exhaust Systems. Exhaust systems fulfil a number of functions such as the filtering of exhaust gases and noise reduction, while maintaining the best possible engine performance. During service they are exposed to complex thermal and mechanical loading, which is simulated at BMW on a thermo-mechanical test rig (THEMA) with the aim of reducing costs and development time. Unabbreviated testing would take several months to complete. Therefore a shortened test with consideration of the service and thermo mechanical loading of the exhaust system and the movement of the engine is created with the equivalent damaging cycles. Using this method, the test duration is reduced to a few weeks and therefore enables a faster identification of any system weak points. In this article the time optimised testing method is explained and the potential for optimisation illustrated. On the basis of practical examples, the applicability of the above described method during the development process is shown.