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DIVA: A self organizing adaptive world model for reinforcement learning

: Fischer, J.; Breithaupt, R.; Bode, M.; Hertzberg, J.

Nahavandi, S. ; Natural and Artificial Intelligence Systems Organization -NAISO-:
ICAIS 2002. CD-ROM : First International NAISO Congress on Autonomous Intelligent Systems, Geelong, Australia, 12-15 February 2002
Canada / The Netherlands: ICSC-NAISO Academic Press, 2002
ISBN: 3-906454-30-4
International NAISO Congress on Autonomous Intelligent Systems (ICAIS) <1, 2002, Geelong, Australia>
Fraunhofer AIS ( IAIS) ()

Reinforcement learning algorithms without an internal world model often suffer from overly long time to converge. Mostly the agent has to be successful a several hundred times before it could learn how to behave in even simple environments. In this case, a world model could be useful to reduce the number of real world trials by performing the action virtually in the world model. This may help to propagate the Reinforcement Q- or V- values much faster through the state (action) space and could be interpreted as a simple form of planning. In the following investigation we introduce a self organizing deterministic world model “DIVA” (“Discretization Improvement by Variance reduction”) with an adaptive discretization, which can speed up learning by using common methods like Suttons Dyna-Q. Proposed in this article, the “DIVA”-model is implemented in a six legged walking robot, which learns how to walk in a minimum of time and with a minimum of real world moving trials.