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Electrostatic carrier technique for thin wafer processing

Elektrostatische Trägertechnik für die Prozessierung dünner Wafer
: Landesberger, C.; Wieland, R.; Ramm, P.; Bock, K.

Future fab international (2009), Nr.29, S.20-27
ISSN: 1363-5182
Fraunhofer IZM ()
mobile electrostatic carrier; thin wafer handling

Mobile electrostatic carriers enable secure handling and processing of thin semiconductor substrates. Application of e-carriers as a reversible support system at temperatures up to 400 °C has been successfully proven. High performance electrostatic carriers could be realized by choosing silicon as base material. Thus ensuring perfect flatness of the carrier plate, good thermal contact of wafer and e-carrier and optimum compatibility with silicon wafer technology. Experimental results have proven the huge potential of mobile electrostatic carriers and thereby opened the door to a new manufacture technology for processing of ultra-thin wafers.