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Observation of discrete solitons in lattices with second-order interaction

: Szameit, A.; Keil, R.; Dreisow, F.; Heinrich, M.; Pertsch, T.; Nolte, S.; Tünnermann, A.


Optics Letters 34 (2009), Nr.18, S.2838-2840
ISSN: 0146-9592
Fraunhofer IOF ()
wave-guide array

We present what we believe to be the first experimental demonstration of discrete solitons under the influence of first- and second-order lattice site interaction in zigzag femtosecond laser-written waveguide arrays. We show how the formation of these entities is affected by different ratios of the interaction strength. Increasing the second-order coupling between the lattices sites yields an almost linear increase of the input power required for soliton formation. (C) 2009 Optical Society of America