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Mining technologies in security and defense

: Thorleuchter, D.

Gesellschaft für Klassifikation; International Federation of Classification Societies -IFCS-; British Classification Society -BCS-; Dutch/Flemish Classification Society -VOC-:
32nd Annual Conference Advances in Data Analysis, Data Handling and Business Intelligence 2008 : Joint conference with the Britisch Classification Society (BCS) and the Dutch/Flemish Classification Society (VOC), July 16-18, 2008, Hamburg
Hamburg, 2008
Gesellschaft für Klassifikation (GfKl Annual Conference) <32, 2008, Hamburg>
Fraunhofer INT ()
security; defense; technology; textmining; classification

In the last years, the rising asymmetrical threat is causing governments to pay more attention to security, especially in technological areas. New and ever more complex tasks in areas concerned with defense against these new types of threat require additional research and development of new techniques. For this reason, national and European governments are increasingly funding security and defense (S&D) based technological research.
In this paper, we give an overview about the technological landscape of S&D by presenting different S&D-technologies and their relationships like described in (Geschka et al. (2005)) and (Reiß (2006)). Therefore we
firstly identify technologies from different technological S&D-taxonomies and we secondly identify innovative
S&D-research projects. The research projects are classified according to technologies and on that basis the relationships between technologies are presented.
In detail, text documents are represented as vectors in vector space model using term frequency and corpus-based term co-occurrence data. We use Jaccard's coefficient (Ferber(2003)) to measure similarity and we use fuzzy alpha- cut method for classification. Structured documents (XML) are used as data source and drain.
To realize this approach, we present a web application "S&D Technology Miner" for planning support to research program planners and to researchers, which acquire funding in this area but also for testing and evaluating the approach.