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Jalousie mit transluzenten und lichtundurchlaessigen Teilen

Venetian blind for sun- and glare protection in e.g. house, has mini-slats with light-permeable surfaces, opaque surfaces and transparent sheath, where surfaces and sheath completely run around longitudinal axis
: Kuhn, T.; Nitz, P.; Meyer, C.

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DE 102007060025 A: 20071213
DE 102007060025 A: 20071213
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(A1) Die vorliegende Erfindung betrifft eine Jalousie mit einer Vielzahl von Lamellen, wobei zumindest ein Teil der Lamellen zumindest eine lichtdurchlaessige Flaeche und eine lichtundurchlaessige Flaeche aufweist. Jede Lamelle weist darueber hinaus eine lichtdurchlaessige Huelle auf.


WO 2009074280 A1 UPAB: 20090702 NOVELTY - The blind has mini-slats (3a-3c) extending along a longitudinal axis that is oriented in longitudinal direction. The mini-slats are arranged in parallel by the longitudinal axis. The mini-slats have light-permeable surfaces (1a-1c) and opaque surfaces (2a-2d), where the surfaces extend along the axis. Each mini-slat is provided with a transparent sheath (4). The surfaces and sheath completely run around the axis. The light-permeable surface consists of plastic, perforated metal or perforated expanded metal. The sheath is made of crystal clear polycarbonate or calendered polycarbonate. USE - Venetian blind for sun- and glare protection in a building e.g. house. ADVANTAGE - The mini-slats are provided with the light-permeable surfaces, the opaque surfaces and the transparent sheath, thus simultaneously satisfying requirements to sun protection, daylight supply and glare protection in reliable and effective manner, while allowing light to be distributed in aesthetic manner.