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Subchronic studies on man-made vitreous fibres. Kinetics of inhaled particles

: Bellmann, B.; Muhle, H.; Ernst, H.; Pohlmann, G.; Sébastien, P.; Brown, R.


The Annals of occupational hygiene 46 (2002), Supplement 1, S.166-169
ISSN: 0003-4878
ISSN: 1475-3162
Fraunhofer ITA ( ITEM) ()
amosite; fibre clearance; non-fibrous particle; subchronic inhalation; man-made fiber; inhalation toxicology

After subchronic exposure of rats to different fibre types [calcium magnesium silicate fibre, calcium magnesium zirconia silicate fibre, refractory ceramic fibre (RCF), non-fibrous material of that RCF and long amosite] lung fibre burden accumulation was proportional to biopersistence. The lung burden of non-fibrous particulate was so pronounced (>2µl/lung) that macrophage clearance collapsed and considerable inflammation occured. The effects of the three vitreous fibres also correlated with effects on clearance. A fibre (RCF) with the same composition as the particles accumulated to a similar mass/volume level but had less effect. Amosite fibres accumulated more than the other test materials investigated, mostly in the interstitial tissue, but produced only a small effect on clearance of labelled particles, however, amosite had the highest effect on cell proliferation. The toxicity results of this study are presented in an accompanying paper.