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Blauton-Dispersionen: Chitosan als effektives Flockungsmittel

: Schwarz, S.; Rojas, R.; Petzold, G.; Bohrisch, J.; Heppe, A.

Vom Wasser 107 (2009), Nr.3, S.7-12
ISSN: 0083-6915
Fraunhofer IAP ()

Chitosan represents a beneficial economical alternative to synthetic flocculants. To make the industrial application of chitosan possible in a large scale, its properties have to be analyzed. Furthermore, speculative applications and the competition with the synthetic flocculants under economical aspects have to be exactly proved. For instance a series of experiments was made with clay (type Blauton), to determine the properties of flocculation with different types of chitosan. Chitosan, which is water soluble under addition of acetic acid, and especially their water soluble derivates as natural/synthetic flocculants are characterized by their excellent clarification and a broad flocculation window at relatively low polymer consumption.