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A flexible framework for the knowledge-based generation of multimedia presentations

: Reinhardt, K.; Schumann, H.; Urban, B.

Rahman, S.M.:
Interactive multimedia systems
Hershey, Pa.: IRM Press, 2002
ISBN: 1-931777-07-1
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Fraunhofer IGD ()
IMMPS; knowledge-based multimedia presentation; information modeling

This paper presents an approach for the knowledge-based multimedia presentation generation. The basic idea is to clearly separate the information to be presented from its presentation and from the context in which presentation generation takes place. Therefore, we introduce an approach for modeling information and its characteristics. We describe how these characteristics can be used for presentation generation. To control the basic steps of multimedia presentation generation (content selection, media selection, media re-alization and layout realization) , we use a context model which considers a wide range of influencing fac-tors. Finally, we present a multimedia information system based on the ideas described in this paper.