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Online inspection of the line pipe welding process using novel x-ray-sensitive sensors

Final report
: Schönartz, N.; Maisl, Michael; Prieur-Drevon, P.; Terreaux, S.

Luxembourg: Commission of the European Communities, 2002, 112 S.
EUR, 20073 EN
ISBN: 92-894-2147-9
Reportnr.: EUR-20073-EN
Fraunhofer IZFP ()
control inspection; Qualitätskontrolle; x-ray sensor

The aim of this project was the development of an X-ray sensor system for the online inspection of the line pipe welding process. Three different sensor concepts were examined. Two of the devices were line sensors while the third concept was based on area sensors in conjunction with a novel integration approach. This concept had to be dismissed because the geometrical distortions of the image converter device used led to insufficient spatial resolution of the resulting image. As expected at be beginning of the project, the sensitivity was the most difficult problem for the line sensor based devices. While the image quality of the original sensor prototypes was sufficient, the sensitivity was far below the required minimum. The sensitivity could be increased in later implementations of these senosrs, but these changes resulted in a decrease of the image quality and, for one of the devices, in serious problems with scattered radiation. Therefore none of the sensors was fit for industrial use at the end of the project. Meanwhile, a sensor, which in some aspects resembles one of the sensors deveoped within this project, is under deveopment by another consortium. If the data of the finial version of this sensor are identical to the prelimainary data, this sensor might also fulfil the requirements defined in this project. The area sensor concept might also become interesting again if the deveopment of novel flat panel X-ray imaging technology leads to devices with frame rates sufficiently high for online inspection.