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Integrated Vehicle Routing and Crew Scheduling (IVRCS) in Waste Management Part II

: Clausen, U.; Baudach, J.; Chmielewski, A.

Dagstuhl Seminar 09261 "Models and Algorithms for Optimization in Logistics" : 21.-26. June, 2009, Schloß Dagstuhl
Dagstuhl, 2009
5 S.
Dagstuhl Seminar "Models and Algorithms for Optimization in Logistics" <2009, Schloß Dagstuhl>
Fraunhofer IML ()
crew scheduling; waste management; integer programming; Lagrangian relaxation

Waste management involves an efficient planing of collectionvehicles and corresponding-crews. We present an optimization model and algorithm for the crew scheduling problem which is the second part of an integrative solution approach. We differentiate between a network based duty generation phase and a duty optimization phase where an optimal set of annual duties for all employees is selected.