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Component specific degradation analysis of running PEFCs

: Jonas, K.; Klingner, M.

Canadian Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Association -CHFCA-, Vancouver:
Hydrogen Fuel Cells 2009. CD-ROM : Parnerships for global energy solutions; Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada; may 31 to june 3 2009, abstract and proceedings on CD-ROM
Vancouver: British Columbia, 2009
Conference "Hydrogen and Fuel Cells" (HFC) <2009, Vancouver>
Fraunhofer IVI ()

Though commonly degradation of fuel cells is reported in voltage loss per hour, the analysis of the entire voltage-current-behavior provide much deeper information about fuel cell's state-of-health. We propose a methodology to identify several degradation parameters from such system related fuel cell data, being measured during operation in order to control the system. The procedure works without implementing additional diagnostic tools into the system and allows the online analysis of running systems as well as post-mortem analyses of existing data sets. The methodology was validated for two different PEFC data series; the former being recorded during a long term lifetime test under near-to-real conditions, the latter during real-life tests of a fuel cell bus being operated in regular service. The degradation parameters are repeatedly identified for short test sequences over a long period and correspond well to values already known from literature. The interpretation of the parameters´ characteristic runs gives a deep insight into ongoing degradation effects at different fuel cell components as membrane, catalysts and gas diffusion media.