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Improvement on straightness of metal bar based on straightening stroke-deflection model

: Lu, H.; Ling, H.; Leopold, J.; Zhang, X.; Guo, C.Q.


Science in China = Scientia Sinica. Series E, Technological sciences 52 (2009), Nr.7, S.1866-1873
ISSN: 1006-9321
Fraunhofer IWU ()

The straightening technics is one of important means to improve the straightness of metal bar. A novel way of predicting the straightening stroke is proposed based on mathematical methods and bending experimental and numerical simulation. The experimental and numerical simulation is conducted by following the mathematical load-stroke model of press straightening process under the elastic-plastic theory. For the linear guide rails, as an example, the stroke-deflection model focusing on the straightening stroke prediction can be achieved by contrasting and integrating the bending experimental results and finite element methods (FEM) simulation data. And then the formula for predicting the straightening stroke is presented based on the precise straightening stroke-deflection model. The stroke prediction formula with high precision can be applied to the straightening stroke prediction in the high straightness metal bar manufacturing process and automatic straightening machine conveniently.