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TaN metal gate damage during high-k (Al2O3) high-temperature etch

: Paul, Jan; Beyer, Volkhard; Michalowski, Pawel Piotr; Beug, M. Florian; Bach, Lars; Ackermann, Marco; Wege, S.; Tilke, Armin T.; Chan, N.; Mikolajick, Thomas; Bewersdorff-Sarlette, Ulrike; Knöfler, Roman; Czernohorsky, Malte; Ludwig, C.


Raptis, I.:
34th International Conference on Micro- and Nano-Engineering, MNE 2008 : September 15 - 18, 2008, Athens, Greece
Amsterdam: Elsevier, 2009 (Microelectronic engineering 86.2009, Nr.4-6)
ISSN: 0167-9317
International Conference on Micro- and Nano-Engineering (MNE) <34, 2008, Athens>
Konferenzbeitrag, Zeitschriftenaufsatz
Fraunhofer CNT ()

TANOS-NAND flash process integration generates various technological difficulties; one of the most relevant is the patterning of TaN metal gates together with Al2O3 high-k dielectrics. BCl3/N-2 based high-temperature plasma etching preferably used for structuring high-k materials reveals severe etch damage effects at the TaN sidewalls. Plasma treatments with different etch gases (BCl3/N-2; O-2/Ar; Cl-2/Ar) were used for detailed analyses of chemical effects on the TaN layer. The damage induced by BCl3/N-2 based plasma was investigated and characterized using blanket wafers. Approaches to overcome this obstacle are proposed.