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Einfluss der Kühlschmierstoffstrategie bei der Mikrozerspanung

: Jehring, D.

Chemnitz, 2009, 173 S.
Chemnitz, TU, Dipl.-Arb., 2009
Fraunhofer IWU ()
Kühlschmierung; Minimalmengenschmierung; Mikrofräsen; Schmierkonzept; Mikrozerspanung; micro milling; micro cutting; minimal lubrication system; lubricating coolant; cooling lubricant; lubrication concept

Due to rising interests in economical and ecological issues in manufacturing process, choosing the right cooling lubrication technology in milling process gets more important. Decreasing the amount of the required resources, some alternatives, like minimum quantity lubrication and dry manufacturing, established next to the conventional full jet lubrication. Whether these new technologies are suitable for micro production is researched in this diploma thesis. A minimum quantity lubrication system is applied to a milling machine and tested afterwards. The inuence of the aerosol nozzle position, its geometry and also the e ect of the oil volume ow rate are studied. The manufacturing experiments are evaluated by surface roughness, tool wear and accuracy. Compared to the competing lubrication strategies the use of minimum quantity lubrication results in better surface qualities and lower tool wear. After presenting practical process parameters a perspective on further improvements is given.