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Quantitative Contact Spectroscopy and Imaging by Atomic-Force Acoustic Microscopy

: Arnold, W.; Amelio, S.; Hirsekorn, S.; Rabe, U.

Baaklini, G.Y.; Meyendorf, N.; Matikas, T.; Gilmore, R. ; Materials Research Society -MRS-:
Nondestructive Methods for Materials Characterization
Pittsburgh, Pa.: MRS, 2000 (Materials Research Society symposia proceedings 591)
ISBN: 1-55899-499-8
Symposium "Nondestructive Methods for Materials Characterization" <1999, Boston/Mass.>
Fraunhofer IZFP ()
Atomic Force Acoustic Microscopy; Contact Stiffness; elastic property

Atomic Force Acoustic Microscopy is a near-field technique which combines the ability in using ultrasonics to image elastic properties with the high lateral resolution of scanning probe microscopes. We present a technique to measure the contact stiffness and the Young's modulus of sample surfaces quantitatively with a reslution of approsimately 20 nm exploiting the contact resonance frequencies of standard cantilevers used in Atomic Force Microscopy. The Young's modulus of nanocyrstalline ferrite films have been measured as a function of oxidation temperature. Furthermore images showing the domain structure of piezoelectric lead zirconate titanate ceramics have been taken.